Sexiest Entertainer
in Las Vegas

Performer, Model, Fitness, Actress


“Her body is insane! Absolutely worth it, the best!”

I am a visionary. You might find me most comfortable on the couch or at my desk in front of my laptop working on my projects, building my business, building my brand. I am an entertainer. I stay in the gym. I eat right. I love my life. My desire is to excel in my chosen field, and in my interests of choice. It’s what drives me.

Every form of rest and relaxation are at the very top of my list of hobbies! (A natural Leo trait) Taking care of and maintaining good health is of top priority. (Everything else – a long list of things I enjoy – falls below.) When I’m not busy being so driven, I love to travel to far off lands! (My guilty pleasure and personal passion) Most recently – Thailand, Dubai, London to name a few. Every chance I get, I read across all bases.

I #luv to entertain. I love making connections. I love to light up your face. It’s the best part of my day!